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True Study Skills 

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"After struggling with college my first two years, Ray's techniques and strategies in this book helped me break through the barriers I didn't even know were in my way.  Thanks again Ray!" ~ Hermann S.

Learn the 3 KEY states of learning and how to master them for incredible retention and recall.

Learn how to build the Ultimate True Study Guide that leads to average test scores of over 90%!

Learn how to take notes that accelerate your learning curve.

Learn what a 'budget' really means for a student.

Discover the secrets of controlling what you eat to increase your retention and recall.

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed education - and people are freaking out!


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    For a limited time, I am offering my book for FREE if you sign up for a 1 hour Study Skills Coaching Session. In fact, I'll add a follow-up Coaching Session at no charge. And because this Pandemic has had such an adverse economic impact, I am offering this entire package at 75% off my normal private coaching rate.

    Here's how it works:

    Sign up for 2 True Study Skills Coaching sessions and receive a signed copy of my book for free - no shipping costs, no handling costs, and no 'separate fees'. Total cost for this offer is only $87.49.

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